8 thoughts on “Parliament Street – 1970s

  1. I used to go to my grandmothers every Sunday afternoon in the 1950’s when they lived in Adam Street off Bowesfield Lane. We used to walk from Bridge Road up Parliament Street and I remember there was , among other shops, a classy gents shop towards Bridge Road end. I know the walk from Bridge road to Adam Street seemed to take ages, as I would be about 10 in those days !!!!


  2. I was app mechanic for Tom Cowie motorbike dealers in Brunswick Street 1954. We used to take the electrics to Thomas Watsons. Stan Holman had a motorbike shop there, a good man for spares . Allisons fruit and veg shop. Gathergoods sweet shop. There were 2 barbers shops, one I think was called Morris near the VILLIERS fish shop. Best chippy in Stockton run by Mr and Mrs Mallaby. Derek Brittain – Thornaby lad .


      • As a young boy in the early 50’s I had my hair cut by Mr Morris. There were foot rests and Mr Morris convinced me that rabbits lived in them. Made me keep my head down.


    • I think the other barbers shop was Warrener’s, also near a chip shop but further up Parliament Street. Also remember Holman’s and Jacobs general store, and Champlins? sweet shop


    • I remember Mallabys and the fish shop. I was a hairdresser for Tyremans and I remember her as a customer. I am now in my 97th year!


  3. I remember very well in my motor mechanic days making many visits to ‘Thomas Watsons’ auto electrical engineers in Parliament Street, this was in the early 60’s when the street was mostly lined with houses and the Stockton & Thornaby hospital was at the top end near Robson maternity home.
    Met a good pal Syd at Thomas Watsons, although his wife of later years insisted on him being called correctly by Sydney, he used to make a damn good home brew…


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