6 thoughts on “Photos from the Past

  1. Apparently a William Prescott Dennis either owned or was a lessee of the Theatre Royal (as the Georgian Theatre later became known) in about 1876. Is there any information that can be added?

    There was also talk of a lady who became known as the ‘Nightingale of the North’ around that time – once again, any clarifying information would be most gratefully received


    • I do not know about the Theatre Royal, but W P Dennis was manager of the Royal Star Theatre in Stockton. This was a small theatre newly built in 1876, situated between Finkle Street and Bishop Street. WPD was manager at the Star Theatre for a while. He must have made a success of it as in 1882 he took over running the Gaiety Theatre in West Hartlepool.


    • Good morning Thom,
      This is a long shot that you will see this post but I’m very interested that you mention William Prescott Dennis and have information on him. He is an ancestor and I would really like to contact you and share details. Thanks Claire


  2. Miss Foote, was actually a Maria Foote (1797 -1867) an actress, who like much of the celeb-culture of today, was noted more for her beauty than her talent. The year of this handbill 1826 was an eventful one for Miss Foote, as in the January of that year, her appearance at a theatre in Bath had caused disruption amongst the audience. In the March, she also made her first appearance at the famous Drury Lane Theatre, London. Known as a ‘touring’ actor, it is estimated that she travelled over 25,000 miles between 1826 and 1831 around the UK, no mean feat by horse drawn-carriage along the very basic road-system of that time. However, in 1831 she retired from the stage after marrying Charles Stanhope the 4th Earl of Harrington, a man 17 years her senior, thereafter being known as the Countess of Harrington.


    • A quick bit of research reveals, that a one-shilling ticket for the ‘cheap’ Gallery seats in 1826, was worth around £3.50 in today’s values.


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