Remains of the Bridge Hotel


The actual Bridge Hotel, on Bridge Road, Thornaby was demolished in 1970, but in this photograph taken March 1984 we can still see the remains of the basement. Is building to the right of the Head Wrightson sign post now the Dubliners Pub on Bridge Street?

3 thoughts on “Remains of the Bridge Hotel

  1. I rented Head Wrightson former garage and yard. This was the low building shown to the left of the Head Wrightson sign. We were asked to vacate these premised In 1984 / 85 because it was due for demolition. I had a continuation rent free year there on a gentleman’s handshake agreement that I’d move when the demolition men arrived, this was in lieu of my not enforcing the lease terms.

    Whilst based there we had an unopened stolen safe dumped on us which took the Police about two weeks to move and a drowned male person who had jumped off Newport Bridge some 2.0 miles away who had floated upriver and had ended up on the muddy river bank shown in this photo (shown directly below the former Bridge End hotel pub wall). We lent the Police our extension ladder to get down to him and if you study the recovery site you’ll appreciate what a job they had to perform, eventually the undertakers men arrived with a special galvanised steel coffin to take him away in. I can still remember how stoic and matter of fact they were at the difficulties they had. Our offers to make them all tea was refused, I wonder why that was?


  2. The building in the background left with the doors open was the Head Wrightson’s garage workshop. The building on the extreme right used to be the Cleveland Hotel, it is now the Dubliner Pub.


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