10 thoughts on “Bishopton Lane and Stockton Station

  1. Does anyone remember a shop in Bishopton Lane called Howards? Ive been researching family and have found out my Grandad had a grocery store there. I think in the 1950s onwards. I would be greatful if anyone had any info please.


        • There was also a shop called Howarths that sold lights, it was on the corner opposite what is now Argos There were a lot of shops on Bishopton Lane so any one of them could have been a grocery shop although I don’t remember it.


    • I lived on Bishopton Lane above Deans shop during 50s and 60s. There was a florists/greengrocers next door called Fewsters, further along next door to the dentists was an old fashioned grocers but don’t remember it being called Howards and a greengrocers a couple of doors down from the old Co-op. There was also a post office a couple of blocks down from the Queens Hotel which also sold groceries.


  2. Ma Guthrie was still on the go in the early 60’s and there were two sons who ran the business from then, expanding the business from taxis to a hire car fleet and opening up to the public for car repairs.
    Opposite them on Alma Street was Arrowsmiths where they made furniture…..


    • John, along Arrowsmith’s wall in Alma Street they had the billboards which always had Stockton F.C. next home game as well as other advertising, across the road from the cobblers shop which was next door to Guthries.


    • Your right Ken, it was Jack Guthrie, he was in my class. Can you remember his father visiting the school and showing movie films to us?


  3. The charming ivy clad house was evidently known as ‘Rose Cottage’ and up until the 1870’s-80’s appears to have been the last private house on Bishopton Lane heading out of Stockton centre.
    The house seems to have survived until at least the turn of the 20th century, despite the area around Alma Street /Leeds Street by then having become fully developed.


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