ICI Offices, Chilton House – 1995


This is a photograph of the main entrance of ICI Engineering Department North East Group (EDNEG), Chilton House, probably the last before demolition. It shows the remaining ICI employees vacating the building in the Summer of 1995 to relocate to a new purpose built office complex at the Belasis Business Park.

Photograph and details courtesy of Dennis Palfreeman.

10 thoughts on “ICI Offices, Chilton House – 1995

  1. I’m stood to the right of John Smith, great times. I could probably name 95% of everyone on this picture – when Charles Dunbar piped us out of the building !!!


    • Lee, can you believe that is almost 20 years ago? It seems like only yesterday, and yes they were great times. There was no greater company, to be employed by, than ICI.


  2. The guy 3rd from the right, front row with the dark jacket is John Smith a well known football referee from the Rimswell Estate, Fairfield, Stockton, who was on the Football League’s Match Officials list.


  3. I used to look after the grounds there and having to trim the ivy around the windows, was quite a task. I remember the camouflage which could still be seen underneath the ivy.


    • My wife had a cousin, Freddy Walker, who was a gardener for ICI but I think he worked at the big house they owned in Hartburn.. He walked to and from work from Calfallow Lane in Norton


      • I worked for A.B Harper the company that was contracted in to look after the grounds of Chilton House, also Billingham House(ADO) and Norton Hall from 1988 until all 3 closed. We also landscaped and maintained Belasis Buisness Park. One of the people I worked alongside was Harold Walker who was from Norton. He was well known around ICI, he and his family ran a fruit and veg market garden stall in Stockton years ago. Not sure if Freddy Walker was related though?


      • I should have said it was my mother and not my wife who had the cousin. Gary, Harold was my cousin and yes before working for Harpers he worked all his life for his grandfather Jackson Walker the Market Gardener. Harold like me were the next generation down from Freddy.


      • The big house in Hartburn Bob was called Norton House a large building in its own grounds which now have a dozen house built on them.
        I did my Work Study course there along with people from some large companies including shell.
        That was where we were taught a second is a long time and much later at Middlesbrough Colledge that in Quantum Physics it is a lifetime. It was a lovely old house which I explored during the hour and a half lunch break, (all meals provided) that was when we were not playing Croquet.
        At the end of the course with a pass under our belts we were presented with a posh slide rule which I still have and can still use.


  4. This photo brings back many happy memories working alongside some lovely people in this impressive building. I am standing to the right of Dennis Palfreeman who provided the pic. This was my first job, I worked as junior secretary on leaving Stockton and Billingham Technical College in 1988 and it was just the best place! (formerly Linda Hall)


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