5 thoughts on “Billingham Town Centre c1964

  1. Billingham Town Square had underfloor heating from ICI waste (I think). This meant sure the snow melted quickly. Not sure about the other benefits!


  2. An long gone era of full employment and individual aspiration. Just look at how nearly everyone of the assembled spectators has seemingly ‘made an effort’ in their personal appearance, including the children. This was the vibrant 60’s, when a new generation of proud Teessiders felt it had at last, cast off the economic poverty of the 1930’s, the depravations of WWII and the austerity of the 1950’s. Many of us, thought at that time it would go on getting better and better, forever…….


    • Not just the people viewing, look behind the band and you will see two men in white coats and peaked caps. These were men appointed by the Council to look after the place, assist shoppers and make sure that we kids didn’t misbehave. How many councils would see these jobs as money well spent rather than obvious candidates for redundancy. The wall that they are leaning on contained the ponds with koi carp swimming around, a natural counter point to the tropical birds in cages at the other end of the shopping area. How long would such a pond and/or its fish last today?


    • By the way, if you look at the average age of the audience you will see few young people. This is because there used to be local pop groups playing at the same time in the other recessed area around the corner by the bowling alley.


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