Hermitage Place, Norton

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This place was under threat of demolition due no doubt to coincide with the moving of Red House School and the redevelopment of the whole area , a great shame .
I believe that the street was named after the farmer Mr Marmaduke and that the building on the very end , the grey pebble-dashed building with a white door and portico was the original farm house and that the building under threat with the sign was the barn . The garages were added later and they too are to be demolished . They might even have succumbed by now? c2013

Photographs and details courtesy of David Thompson.

6 thoughts on “Hermitage Place, Norton

  1. On Friday just gone a TV programme showed a house on Marmaduke Place which was up for auction also showing was the house behind facing on to the playing field which has been refurbished and modernised not for sale, does that mean they are safe?
    They have demolished and rebuilt one of the houses on Hermitage Place so they are obviously staying.
    There are rumours that all the school buildings will come down, as I say rumours. The problem will be exits from any housing built on the playing fields where will they come out? Mill Lane, Marmaduke Place, or else onto the roundabout, Junction Road, Ring Road, The Green.
    It is bad enough now clearing the school run traffic and I have see four by fours run straight over the green a couple of times. People trying to exit a housing estate during rush hour traffic will be demanding some of the Green be used as an escaped road, I fear the worst.


  2. My father and his whole family lived in No.2 Hermitage Place. There were 6 of them living in the house. Mother, Father, Grandma and 3 sons.


    • I remeber your family very well. Your g/father and your uncle Richard (Dick) worked firstly for Fletcher the builders and then were taken over by Head Wrightsons, Dick being a Bricky and his dad a laborer.. Then there was David and Edwin (twins I believe), Edwin working at HW’s Thornaby as a Fitter and Turner. Dick married Pat Harkness but he died at an early age. The twins were always featured in the Church pantomimes mainly played at the William Newton School Hall.


      • Eddie Watson worked on the big vertical borer in the bottom of the Machine Shop, when he left they took over a boarding house in the Lake District.


      • Crikey, Bob. You almost know more about my family than I do! David was my Dad and Eddie and Richard my Uncles. David and Eddie weren’t actually twins. They were born a couple of years apart. Pat is still around in Norton and lives up near the Fire Station. David, my Dad, was the Organist and Choir Master at St. Marys for in excess of 25 years but sadly passed away in 1998.


      • Richard I am of a similar age to the Watson boys. Although we went to different schools we were all part of the original part of Norton Village. Very small community of people around the Green area. I worked at HW’s at the same time as Dick your g/dad and his sons Dick and Eddie. I as a joiner would work on many jobs with the both ones named Dick. Young Dick married Pat Harkness who then lived in Ragworth Road and when they married bought a house in Fox Street which is next to the Norton Working Mens Club. I think she now has a bungalow in the South Road area.


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