6 thoughts on “Preston Hall c1900

  1. In 1904 Sir Robert Ropner was created ‘Baronet of Preston Hall’, perhaps this photograph is connected with a house-party to celebrate that occasion? The coaches, one loaded with luggage, were possibly only going as far as Eaglescliffe railway-station, as the guests departed?
    The 1st-Class carriages on the intricate railway-network of that period, often served the local ‘industrialist gentry’ as a speedy method of reaching each other’s homes for family celebrations and other Country-house ‘get togethers’, before the luxury motor-car became more acceptable.


  2. Could anyone tell me (and others not from your neck of the woods) where is PRESTON HALL? If I am still around next year I’d like to have a closer look. Thanks to whoever “posted” the photo.


    • I think if it had been nearly Stockton town center it would of gone the same way has many other fine building went in the sixties, they just DID NOT have a clue then.


      • Remember it well used to be a regular trip to the museum and to the paths up above the river remember the smell of garlic too-happy memories. You are right regarding demolition in Stockton the Baptist tabernacle in Wellington Street replaced by the shopping centre. The Rev Neville Atkinson would have turned in his grave!


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