Blue Post Yard Sign

t13244This is the sign marking the entrance to the Blue Post Yard.  It got its name from the two posts of Frosterley marble that stood at the entrance to numbers 8 and 9 Main Street – as the High Street was then known.  These two adjoining properties were owned by two brothers, Rowland and William Burdon.  It is thought that Rowland aquired the posts from the demolition of Stockton Castle in the 1660s.  They were used to support a ‘fine gable’ that was built at the front of the two properties.  The houses were demolished in 1811 and replaced with No.116 High Street.

4 thoughts on “Blue Post Yard Sign

  1. Are there any photos of the the original blue post sign , that I believe straddled the footpath at the entrance to the yard


  2. Malcolm Robson parents had this pub in the sixties, Mally originated from Shotton and worked at Head Wrightson’s Machine Shop, Thornaby, he got the nickname NIMMO after the beer that was sold in the pub.


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