4 thoughts on “43 Norton Road, Stockton

  1. Eugene Edward Clephan born 1844 in Stockton-on-Tees resided at 1 Cranborne Terrace and carried on business works at 43 Norton road. He built a large house (Allen croft) in Hartburn in the 1870’s. He was married to Emily Clephan in 1872 and had 7 children. He was one of the architects who designed the church of St. Peter. He moved to Gateshead after going bankrupt in the 1890’s and died there in 1905.


  2. Amazing and unusual Islamic architectural references within this highly decorative facade. In particular, see the ‘arch’ to the main staircase entrance on the right.


  3. That answers that mystery, I was working in a building over the road quite a few years ago and spotted the name Eugene E Clephan, steam works and its puzzled me for years[me being a big steam fan!!]. I thought it might have been a steam laundry but now I know, many thanks for that.


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