8 thoughts on “Co-op Corner and the Picture House, Billingham

  1. Happy memories of the old Co-op, it sold everything. There was a barbers, butchers,food hall, and the safe method of handling cash, put in tube, pull chain and of it went to cash office, where the change was put in and sent back to the counter.
    The park opposite was my playground, it was a deep hole in the ground and had different levels, but now it is all filled in and flat. Also Mill lane shops were above the pavement, about 4ft above pavement, but now sadly level with the road. Happy memories of 1952.
    Tom McGowan ( formerly of Mond Crescent )


  2. The Co-op had those tube things to send your money to a central cash point.

    We used to go to the pictures on a Saturday afternoon. The rush cost 7d and you’d get zorro and a cowboy film which always ended in a chase with the goodie (hurray) chasing the baddies (boo). My uncle took me to see King Kong which I think he regarded as an epic film when it was first released – I thought that it was boring. However, the support feature “When Comedy Was King” was made up of a collection of silent films and that was excellent.


  3. I saw my first ever film at the cinema here around 1960 (about the age of four). Think it was Mutiny on the Bounty. Has anyone any idea when the picture house was built. Would it have been open prior to 1930 ish for viewing of silent films ? Photo shown looks mid/late 30’s to me.


  4. Hasn’t changed much. I lived on Tibbersley Avenue, to left of the photo, just behind the little park. Remember shopping in co-op with mam. Lovely and stylish building.


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