5 thoughts on “Stockton High Street

    • Margaret, if the people in the picture could see into the future they would be saying bring it on. Those of us who remember the pre war days also remember the hard work, no modern machines, a single cold water tap from lead pipe, Toilet down the yard on frosty mornings we were all good singers back then, in the mad rush down a freezing yard or garden you could quite well find some one on your knees, hence the lusty singing. Coal fires, cold bedrooms, tin baths. Gatherings such as the one shown happened Easter and Whitsun Sundays, people from the Town would gather in open spaces such as Norton Green and Show field pouring off busses to spread out and take in the clean air as many streets in Stockton disappeared in the thick smoke filled fog of factory and house hold chimneys.
      I have many happy childhood memories but would I go back NO.


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