Suffolk Street, Stockton c1919

t13611 t13612These photographs are of a street party held in Suffolk Street, Stockton in 1919, presumably to celebrate the end of World War One. The photographs are taken looking north – 11 Suffolk Street is on the right hand side. The people ringed in green are Norman and Edna the son and daughter of my Grandparents, Knaggs and Edith Sanderson, who had a shop at 60 Suffolk Street (now demolished). The baby in the right hand side of the pram is my later mother, Stella who would be about 6 – 9 months old when the photographs were taken. It is notable how few men there are in the photographs.

Photographs and details couresty of John S Corney.

12 thoughts on “Suffolk Street, Stockton c1919

  1. My Grandmother Florrie Hall is in this photo. She lived at No. 37 when this was taken and later at No. 56. My father and two uncles were born here. They moved to Preston-on-Tees in 1928


  2. If you note the flags it say on one of them – complete with a crest of sorts – welcome home – so as said I’d guess the end of WW1 – men coming home


  3. I know my grandmother Ellen (Nellie) Harrison nee Jamieson lived on Suffolk Street as a child at the end of the 19th century and again in the 1960’s. I think she lived at no. 23. Has anyone any memories of this family?


  4. Thanks Jim, got lots of info on granny Redican off Aunt Kathleen and all about her mam and dad and even a photo of Roseann’s mam and a few of her sisters. Very interesting to read but I would have liked to know a little more of granddad Peacock and his family so I hope someone else reads this also. Hope you are ok.x


    • Hi Pollie; I wasn’t sure if it was you! The Pollie versus Pauline confused me; I do get confused easy these days! You say you have photos of Roseann and her sisters. My grandmother was her sister, Mary Jane Redican, who died of rheumatic fever at the age of 25 when my dad was 6. I have only one picture of MaryJane , that I can share with you, taken when she was about 16 I think. I also have a picture of their mother, Mary Anne Redican, nee Cox. I would like to see the pictures of Rosann and her sisters if you want to share them. If you don’t have my email address you can get it from Picture Stockton. I am doing very well and I hope you are.


    • Hi Pollie
      I’m a cousin of Jim McCurley, his father and my mother were siblings and children of Mary Jane Redican, my mother was born in 1909. I’m assuming that your Aunt Kathleen is Kathleen Peacock, to whom I have passed on much of my research on the Redican lineage. More recently I’ve been doing quite a lot on the Cox line, which was the maiden name of Mary Jane’s mother, Mary Ann Cox. Most of that research relates to the the Cox social history and it does not make for very pleasant reading, particularly the Stockton on Tees history. Presumably, Jim will have passed on to you the one photograph of Mary Jane that exists, which I also gave to Kathleen. It was originally not much more than half an image, which I had to restore. I also have a couple of images of Mary Ann Cox, which I also passed on to both Kathleen and Jim, so you probably have them already. Should you be interested in exchanging any information I’d be happy to oblige; however, Kathleen was given most of my older stuff. Jim will see this post, therefore, I shall not be contacting him via this media as we exchange emails every couple of months or so. I do live in Stockton, by the way

      Andy Wood


  5. What a nice surprise to see these photo’s. I was born and raised on Suffolk St. # 39 , and my Grandpa and Grandpa (Kate and Richard Peacock) and family lived at #13. Every time I come back from California to visit the UK, I always take a drive down Suffolk St. and the only real change I see is the cobble street has been covered with Tar. I have never known how old the houses are in Suffolk St., ….Does anyone know the year they were built?


    • Kevin, a map of Stockton dated 1889, shows most of Oxbridge built up. I suspect that SuffolK Street and Norfolk Street were built in the 1880s.


    • Hello just seen your comment about your family name Peacock living in Suffolk Street,this is also my family name but we know very little about my grandfathers brothers or sisters only knowing the name of one brother who was called Joe. we know there was more boys and a few girls and that he was born in 1892 or there about in the west row area of Stockton and moved to Waverley Street on marriage and died in 1971, his name was George Henry Peacock and married Roseann Redican in St Cuthberts Church. Just wondering if you have any of this information on any records you may have. Thank you for reading, hope to hear from you soon.


      • I can’t give you any information about your grandfather George Peacock’s direct family, but Roseann Peacock, nee Redican, was my great aunt on my father’s side. I knew ‘Uncle George’ and ‘Aunt Rosann’ quite well when I was a kid; they used to look after me during the summer holidays in their house in Waverley Street while my parents were working. The Evis family, Billy, Sydney, Brian and Susan, lived two doors from me in Ellicott Street.


        • Jim McCurley, can you help me, my maternal great grandmother was Margaret McIntosh, her son John William McIntosh served with DLI 1904-1914, he was killed weeks after great war breaking out, it was only recently I discovered John William McIntosh had married 1912 to Milly Emily Peacock, they may have had a child born 1912 named John William McIntosh, would you know of any of this ancestry at all.


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