Titos Nightclub c1970

t13768Inside Titos Night club, from left to right: Jack Watling, Trevor Hall, Charlie, Dave Raby and Mick Faulkner. This photograph was taken in Titos nightclub circa 1970. I don’t know how Dave got in without a tie, the doormen were pretty strict about that in those days.

Photograph and details courtesy of Mick Faulkner.

11 thoughts on “Titos Nightclub c1970

    • I feel sure I knew you and your brother back in the 50s through a mutual bunch of friends Denny Maxwell and Keith Spence among others! Did you live in the Parkfield area? It is all a long time ago and last time I visited Stockton, the area around their had changed completely


  1. My old workplace! Being a croupier then was an eyeopener to a whole new world. I could write a book on the “goings on” at Tito’s, perhaps I will.


    • Flint, maybe we could write it together. We could also write about our days in Lackenby works lab when we earned £4/17/6d a week. When we were croupiers a few years later we got nearly that much for a night.


  2. I remember going to Tito’s on Monday nights, when it was “Gentlemens’ Evening” I think the manager at that time was Jack Esther. There used to be ‘yard of ale’drinking and spaghetti eating contests. Remember “Dickie and Dottie” with their balloon routine and the ‘exotic’ dancers


    • I remember the Yard of ale on Tuesday night, it was called “Crazy night”. They also had a thing a bit like karaoke but you didn’t sing, you dressed up and mimed to a record.

      Mick Faulkner


      • One night we were there, a pancake eating contest took place, my pal who shall remain anonymous, won with 25 or 26 pancakes. The lad who was second managed 5 or 6 !


      • My dad spotted this picture, that’s his brother Trevor, just wondered if you have any more pictures of him? He remembers yourself Mick and I think one of the other men in the pic.


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