6 thoughts on “Staff from Queen Street School c1966

  1. Mr Crawford was head when I went there. I also remember with great fondness the Saturday hikes lead by Mr Jones. I was not in his class but think it must have been open to all the 4th year. I vividly remember the terror of the storm in 1968 – hiding under the desk our teacher was terrified too. Those hail stones hurt and my Dad came and got my 2 brothers and I to take us home. I remember the boys and girls playgrounds being separate and that I was terrified of going to the loo. The toilet block was so dark and scarey. I also remember the hymn sheets hanging from the side of the hall and assembly every day was full of music with Mr Snow playing the piano – often a cloud of cigarette smoke could be seen .
    The Christmas parties were so exciting! 😂😂


    • Mr Crawford was head when I was there too in the 1960s Mr Snow was my form teacher. I found Mr Crawford quite strict with Mr Snow being a little more jovial – I attended with my brother Kenneth and he seemed to get on very well with Mr Snow. I remember enjoying the sweet shop just across the road – but it all seems to have been knocked down now – although what was the village infants school in Thornaby seems up and running – I remember that well too before going to Queen Street school.


  2. Thank you Rona for posting another gem from Queen Street showing our wonderful teachers . I recognise Charles C Harker front row second from left; Mr Sinclair to the right of him ; Brian Moores to the right and then Mr Crawford. In the back row third from left is the amazing Mollie Degan and Mr Snow to the right of her. I will post a Westbury Street School group soon from 1950 which has a young Mr Sinclair featured , he must have transferred to Queen Street from there at some point. I think this snap might have been earlier than 1966.


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