Girls Life Brigade Holiday

t13814We spent a week staying at the Newlands Hostel near Keswick in the Lake District. The group consists of myself, Barbara Ashman, Audrey Pearce, Mary Hughes, Mavis Bousfield and Audrey Dennison. I’ll have to guess the year but probably 1955.

Photographs and details courtesy of  Maureen Walker.


9 thoughts on “Girls Life Brigade Holiday

  1. Mavis was the youngest Bob but she had 3 brothers, Bob,Peter & I can’t remember the youngest lad’s name, it could have been Derek. If I remember correctly he wore glasses from a young age!


  2. I should have mentioned that our GLB group was based at the Methodist Chapel at the top of Craister St known locally as ‘the tin box’. The structure of the chapel was wooden coverd with corrugated iron sheeting which was painted with a black tar-like substance. It caught fire in the 60’s & it didn’t take long for it to burn to the ground!


  3. Brilliant Pictures Maureen.
    I seem to remember my Mam, (Mary Hughes) telling us about a bad fall she had at Causey Pike, which I think was very likely while on this holiday.
    Have you any recollection of this?


    • Yes I vaguely remember this, the weather as is usual in the Lakes…..wet & windy so your poor mum slipped! we had a good time though meeting a group of lads from Manchester. Happy days!


      • Hello Maureen.
        I’m sure Mavis Bowesfield lived about half way up the even numbered side of Craister Street, the Family used to have a black and white Collie type dog (Bess) that they could send with a wicker basket to Taylors corner shop and it would return with the goods.


      • Yes you’re right Max, Mavis was one of my pals & Bess was a lovely dog & so clever! I lost touch with Mavis when she went to Richard Hind & I went to Grangefield. I feel I should know you but I can’t remember anyone called Max. Did you live in Craister St?


      • Maureen there was a lad in the Co-op YC called Bousefield and I think he had a younger brother, would you know of him? Can’t remember his 1st name now but he did court my cousin for a while when she was in the YC.


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