Stockton Town Hall

t13989This is a copy of a painting I commissioned from Anthony Hutchinson the Local Stockton Artist who think I have mentioned previously. Tony as we all call him has a stall in the Flea market in Stockton and has done some wonderful paintings of Stockton and surrounding district. The scene shows myself picking up my girlfriend at time and later my wife Marie Kennedy of Stillington, from outside the offices of Gerald Goldstone the local Chartered Accountant who had his offices just behind where we are standing waiting to cross the High Street circ 1955. Gerald Goldstone’s office had been converted from the laboratory of Johnnie Walker the famous Stockton Chemist who invented the Lucifer the fore runner of the friction match.

Image and details courtesy of Benny Brown.

4 thoughts on “Stockton Town Hall

  1. Hi I’m interested to find out more about Anthony Hutchinson I’ve bought a few of his works and would love to see other work on display.


  2. I have purchased copies of the print you mentioned from Tony when we visited the flea market in Stockton. My partner is from Norton and now lives in Radcliffe and has now got a memory of home in his living room. Looking forward to visiting Stockton again and will visit Tony’s stall again. Would love to get one of his paintings.


    • I am afraid Tony is not too computer literate, the best way to view his work is a visit him at the flea market on a Wednesday and Saturday. Tony Lives in Stockton on the Grangefield estate. I am sure he would love to meet you and show you his work, which numbers in the hundreds..


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