Unknown Swim Team c1920s

t14042The third boy from the left in the front row is Albert Victor Oliver who lived in Lord Nelson’s Yard in Yarm from approximately 1916-1923. I believe the photograph was taken in Yarm, or a location nearby where there might have been swimming lessons provided or competitions performed.

Can anyone identify this location?  Did Yarm have such facilities in that time period? If there were no facilities in Yarm, were there facilities in surrounding areas?

Photograph and details courtesy of Virginia Gormley.

3 thoughts on “Unknown Swim Team c1920s

  1. According to the publication called “The Yarm Of Yesteryear” by Malcolm Race, Yarm and Egglescliffe Amateur Swimming Club was formed in 1910, people were taught to swim in the river Tees at Yarm. The club had a wooden hut by the side of the Tees which was presumably used as a changing area. The club appears to have ceased to operate just after the first war. With regards to the above picture, this clearly is not a wooden hut which these boys are photographed in front of, so was another club formed and held from another building/area of Yarm?


  2. Judging by the rainwater downpipe this location is outside as opposed to inside a building, did we have any “outside” swimming locations back then, did youngsters take part in competitions in the river perhaps.


  3. Did Yarm have there own swimming baths in the 1920’s, or would these children have had to travel further afield to learn to swim or take part in competitions


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