2nd Norton Boys Brigade Company c1944/45

t14088A photograph of the 2nd Norton Boys Brigade Company taken outside St. Michael’s Mission Room. I have mentioned the names of the people I can remember but I am sure some old Nortonians will be able to put names to other faces. Many of the older boys played bugle and drums in the band which paraded regularly around the streets of Norton after Sunday morning service at St. Michael’s Church, lead by Mace bearer Harry Charlton. My husband Brian was one of the side drummers and his brother Ivor played the big bass drum.

Back row; Rev. Ledgard, John Ison (Capt.), Ray Butler, Brian Hodgson, Tommy Seaman, Billy Johnson, ??, George Booth, Maurice Smith, Malcolm Wren, Matt Moses.

Middle Row: ??, ??, B. Willis, ??, ??, ??, Harry Charlton, ??, ??, ??, Ivor Hodgson, ??.

Front Row: ??, ??, ??, ??, T. Wharton, Trevor Davies, John Forsyth, ??, ??, Ken Littlefair, Stan Marwood (officer).

Photograph and details courtesy of Margaret Hodgson.

7 thoughts on “2nd Norton Boys Brigade Company c1944/45

  1. Hi Margaret,

    My grandfather is on this photo (Ken Littlefair) and my grandmother would love a copy of this photograph. We’d love to see any others you may have.

    Many thanks


  2. I’m sure the lad 8th on the front row is my dad Richard Marshall who lived in Edgar Street, he made Sergeant and eventually left about 1958. My mam Marie Marshall nee Smith recalls going to a BB camp at Whitby as a cook in 1957/58, she also helped run the St Michael’s youth club for a number of years.


  3. The Reverend John Ison (Captain above) died in August 1999 according to my mothers notes. A wartime photograph of the band of 1 Norton Boys Brigade is also on Picture Stockton. My sister donated a copy of the band photograph to Norton Methodist Church recently. Surprised Norton veterans have not had a go at identifying the boys on these photographs, since I know some of you out there are on them!!!


    • John Ison was also secretary of the Stockton & District Football League for many years, also a Durham F.A. councillor. He was also a schoolteacher.


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