The Infinity Bridge – final span being installed, Stockton

t14318A photograph showing the final span of the iconic Infinity Bridge about to be lifted into place. The photograph was taken on the River Tees at 6:20am, 5th September 2008.

Photograph and details courtesy of Andrew Mackenzie.

2 thoughts on “The Infinity Bridge – final span being installed, Stockton

  1. As one who knew the river as it once was the improvements were needed and urgently. The river I knew and worked besides at times was a dirty dead and in summer smelly tidal river, the mud flats at either side were covered in ordure at low tide you did not want to fall into it though dodging the little Loco that wandered up and down the Quayside line I nearly backed a crane into it.

    As school children walking the banks in Stockton we saw the massive Mulberry concrete Caissons which we had no idea what they were for thinking they must be going to dam the river then they disappeared and re appeared off the beach in Normandy quite a surprise. We saw boats tied up three abreast being loaded and unloaded when the tide was out they sat on the mud flats and of course the Industry and Shipbuilding that poured effluents into the river.

    On the Stockton side up to the High Street shops and Hotels was desolation broken down rat infested buildings the odd one still in use yet not maintained the Greyhound Pub being alone as a decent building among the wreckage.

    Thornaby side was industrial slowly coming to the end of its life, we may be nostalgic about that and other aspects of the river in those days, the old broken down Stathes from the days we exported coal were a fun place to play on though falling in to the river was not recommended, it was quite fast flowing when the tide changed.
    We now have a fresh water lake, a playground for aquatic sport, clean, with fish and bird life, a nice walk on both sides, housing with bridges for easy access to the High Street. They are bringing good housing back into town and developing the banks of the river, a far cry from what it once was and definitely an asset.

    I would say well done to the people who saw the potential and made it work, it is ongoing and will continue well into the future, that is progress. Stockton is back on the map people know about us because of those bridges, I do not have to say near Newcastle any more when people ask.


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