The Blue Caps return to the Globe

t14388Local Rock ‘n’ Roll group the Blue Caps pictured outside the Globe Theatre, Stockton 50 years later. (l-r): Ian Peacock, Eric Whitehouse, Alby Smith, Peter Embleton, Les Bennet and Charlie Peacock

Photograph and details courtesy of Eric Whitehouse.

5 thoughts on “The Blue Caps return to the Globe

  1. I used to dance to the music of the Blue Caps at the Knights dance hall in church road. We were packed in like sardines. It was the only dance for teens under 18 in Stockton.


  2. I notice one of the main men, my old mate Mick Kemp is not in the line up. Obviously he must have passed on by the time this was taken. A great band.


    • Sadly we lost Mick along with Howard Rayner (The original lead guitarist) and Peter (Pedro) Thompson. A fabulous bass player. There is one heck of a band from Stockton playing beyond those Pearly Gates.


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