11 thoughts on “William Newton Hockey Team – 1954

  1. Judy Forsyth is the Goal Stopper on this Photo. She is my Mother’s youngest Sister and lives in Oakwell Road, Norton with her Husband Len.


    • If its 1954 their age will be seventy-five, Judith Forsyth worked in the offices of the Head Wrightsons Foundry at Thornaby, she also used to be a dancer on the pantomimes, I believe she was from your area Bob when she married.


      • Everything you say is right Anon. She lived in Swale Road almost opposite the bottom school gates of the FN. She will be 72 now going by another girl I know who went through junior school with her.


          • As a class member of that particular class, for what its worth, we are in our 74th year, i.e., will be 74 somewhere between 1 Sep this year, and 31 Aug next year


  2. That particular hockey team was mostly my class friends. Back Row, l ->R Mrs West, Sandra Lees, Irene Fisher, Jean Arnold, Ena Ryder ? ? Jean Turner. Front Row, Pat Franks, Wendy Buckle ? ? Dorothy Gowland, Judith Forsythe.


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