Harrowgate Head Teacher Jim Allen

t14497This photograph was taken in 1965. It shows Jim Allen and his Deputy Head sunning themselves on a Harrowgate School trip. I believe it was to Knaresborough. I was at that time a young teacher at the school. Anyone remember this or the trip to Flamingo Park?

Photograph and details courtesy of Derek Graham.

5 thoughts on “Harrowgate Head Teacher Jim Allen

  1. I also went on the Harrowgate trip, and Fountain Abbey trip and the Ripon Cathedral trip. I got my first Kodak camera to go on the Flamingo Park trip, and believe it or not I still have the camera.
    I was in Hardwick Junior school when Mr Allen was the Headmaster.
    He was the one who called me into the office to tell me that my Dad had passed away in hospital. All the kids outside thought I got Ten of the best because I was crying when I came out of the office. Does anyone remember the trip to Wales? it was a camping trip


  2. Hi Derek,
    Thank you for the photo. I remember the trip and the deputy headmaster was my old headmaster from Bailey Street, Mr Fitzgerald. I have fond memories of that school. I also remember you Mr Graham, I’m afraid you sent me off the pitch for fouling more times when playing football than I ever completed a match, though I deserved it. Its great to hear from you.


  3. About this time I was at the Harrowgate as a pupil. I remember the school trip to Fountains abbey then onto Flamingo park. I think the Foutains abbey part was the educational bit and Flamingo park was the fun part. Flamingo park was more zoo than theme park in those days, the reverse of how it is now.


    • I also remember going to Ripon and Knaresbrough on the school trip but after 65 possibly 68 or 69 and I also remember going to Flamingo Land but I don’t think it was the same day as the Ripon trip as Alan says it was just a zoo in those days


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