Billingham Cubs c1956

t14625Here are some of the names:-

Back row from the left:- 2nd Dave Smith, 6th Tom Smith, 8th John Birtle

Front row from left:- 2nd Dave Willoughby, 5th Brian Storey, just behind him to the right is Terry Hutchinson and 8th Neville Race.

The two Smiths were twins and went to Australia in the early 1960s, Brian Storey and Neville Race were both at our recent reunion and according to Ian Dalrymple (one of your regular contributors) Dave Willoughby won the slow bicycle race at the scouts sports day every year.

The original cub hut was in Greenwood Road in Billingham backing onto our favourite play area Charltons Pond or as we called it Cowpen Lake.

Photograph courtesy of Neville Race, details courtesy of Bruce Coleman.

1 thought on “Billingham Cubs c1956

  1. That’s me, Malcolm (Mally) Dunn 3rd from the left in the back row. The photo was taken in the old cub/scout hut on Belasis Avenue before we moved to the new building on Greenwood Rd. I seem to recall it was next door to the old Synners football ground. The faces are so familiar but all names escape me, apart from Buddy Dale (cub master) and Brian Storey who lived at the other end of Lomond Avenue to me. We had a great pack and had some great times. Things I remember most, apart from the cub related activities, are pie and pea suppers, British Bulldogs (original version), selling programmes at boxing tournaments in the ICI Club, Billingham Baths on a Wednesday night and days spent at camps in Thorpe Woods.
    Most if not all of us went up into the Scouts where we continued to learn and have a great time.


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