Alex Holmes Print c1880

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This printed image which I believe, from the velvet frame parts dates from about 1880. The girl is carrying a basket that has Alex Holmes Stockton-on-Tees printed on the side. I was wondering if this was a generic type print, or specific to the company. There are a couple of buildings in the background.
The odd thing is, I found this in Saint John, NB, Canada about 30 years ago. My family on my Mum’s side, including her, all come from around Stockton. They were Dickens (grandmother’s side) and Humplebys (grandfathers side). The print now lives on Canada’s west coast. Any information would be appreciated.

Image and details courtesy of Noel Fowles.

3 thoughts on “Alex Holmes Print c1880

  1. Honestly – reminds me of a memory my old Irish Nana shared with me when I was a kid. As a little girl in the late 19th century – on her way to church one Sunday she found a cat that she wanted to take home. She could not take the cat with her so leaving it she prayed that it would still be there on her way home. It was and so she took it home. Her parents were not keen at keeping a stray cat that might have belonged to someone so her father took it back to the area that my grandmother found it. When he got home he found the cat waiting. I think my grandmother kept the cat.


  2. The Church of St.Thomas A Beckett, Grindon 1982 posted on May 9, 2006 has a coomment by Michele Cooper Louisville, Kentucky, USA. Michelle has a copy and believes this is the church in the background.
    I found the following reference in the British Online Newspaper site “04 April 1888 – Hartlepool Northern Daily Mail – This morning, fire broke out on the premises of Alex. Holmes, grocer, High-street. Stockton.” There are probably other references and adverts (in the Gazette?).
    He can also be found in the census. In 1871 he had 5 assistants and 2 apprentices.


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