4 thoughts on “Stockton Market c1962

  1. I remember the Crockery stall run by a group of East End Londoners who were very good jugglers of the cups and saucers rolling the them up their arms as if by magic. The Market in Winter time took on a fairy tale effect on me as a child with all the stalls lit by Gas Lamps. The market in those far off days was a much bigger market than today’s set out. One of the major market attractions was the Pease and Ducks Stall on the North side of the Town Hall where you could get a bowl l of Steepie Peas and a few pieces of Savoury Duck for sixpence , you ate your meal sitting at a trestle Table, a very popular attractions now long gone from the Market.


    • Every Wednesday, too! Cattle market as well, not too far way on Wednesdays..
      My favourites as a lad was the candy store where you could purchase a bag of boiled sweets (fishes were my favourite) for a ha’penny, and at Marsh, “The Biscuit People'”, one could purchase a candy bagful of broken biscuits – probably for a penny. That was my Saturday’s Penny!
      I also recall the fabric stall run by the Bradbury family, and the stall that ran a lively business in china products, drawing the crowds by the “patter” reeled off by the stall-holder. Ah! those exciting days when the High Street was transformed for a few hours each week..


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