4 thoughts on “Rimswell Manor, Fairfield

  1. We used to live in the old victorian lodge for a while which is at the entrance to the road leading up to the big house. Originally it would have been the gatekeepers lodge. It is still at the entrance to the road and is like no other building near by. While living there I did some research and the lodge was built in 1898 and the first occupier was a John Mason who as well as being the gatekeeper was also responsible for the upkeep of the grounds to the big house. I think the original name was Rimswell House and not Rimswell Manor but it was always called the Manor hence the road now being called Manor Place. It was built by the person who owned the local iron and steel industry, and later on when it was sold it was one of the Ropner family who bought it. I did have a bigger picture of the house in full colour but after lending it out to someone for their research I don’t think it was ever returned.


  2. Absolutely beautiful, I could weep when I think of all the magnificent buildings like this in Stockton that have been bulldozed. Buildings like these, and the rest of the wonderful historic and individually designed buildings (especially in the High Street) would have made our town, one of THE places to visit in the North East, our local economy would have proved secure.


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