Mile Of Books, Stockton c1942

t14734This is an image from the fascinating British Pathe newsreel on Stockton, in 1942, where thousands of books where placed in the street for pulping and the war effort. I believe the above image is my late father Ron Davies who was living in Stockton at the time aged about 13 – the boy last in line. I am interested in whether this was documented in the newspaper at the time and that the listing may confirm the boy participants? Alternatively there may be reference in scout/boy brigade histories or Council Mayoral Archive? Any advice appreciated.

Details courtesy of Darron Davies.

3 thoughts on “Mile Of Books, Stockton c1942

    • I had forgotten all about this incident until your article! Even then, all those years ago, I was reluctant to destroy any of my precious books or magazines but my grandmother insisted. Over seventy years later I now have thousands of books; my poor wife can not come to terms with my “obsession”. For the war effort I think that my sacrifice was taken to Mill Lane school at the bottom of my street. You have set me thinking now! PBB

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      • This scheme, from further research, appeared to be a national contest – as part of a national salvage effort – and was conducted across England. Prizes were given. (Of course a lot of what can be found is locked away in subscription online services). Still, I have gleaned that the date of the Hartlepool effort, across several boroughs, was on Saturday 25th July, 1942, so if anyone is going through a Stockton newspaper at this time, in the local library, it should be well documented. Be great if anyone could find a reference! I can only assume that the event happened in several places in Stockton yet the British Pathe film, with my father (possibly) is probably reported, on this date, as the Mayor was in attendance.


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