Stockton Parade ‘Mannequins’ at Hill Carters c1933

t14830My mother Margaret Taylor was a model for D Hill, Carter & Co., in both photographs she is wearing a Wedding dress from the new Autumn bridal collection at a fashion parade at Hill Carters on Stockton High Street on October 12, 1933.

In the 1940s, then Margaret Oliver, she worked in Audrey’s dress shop which was opposite the Globe Cinema before moving to work for many years in Robinsons on the fabric counter.

Photographs and details courtesy of Ken Oliver.



3 thoughts on “Stockton Parade ‘Mannequins’ at Hill Carters c1933

  1. My mother’s wedding outfit was on display on a mannequin inside a glass case at Preston Hall dome years ago. Her name – Vera Alice Haslock (nee Baker) Is it still on display?


  2. I’ve been researching D. Hill, Carter and Co. for a project so it’s nice to see some related photo’s. Thank you for sharing.


    • Hi Alec, Another tale for your work. My father-in-Law, Ray Jennings, was born in 1916. Times were very hard and all had to contribute. On 19 Aug 1927 he started work after school, delivering hats and dress’ for Ethelwins who were a competitor of Hill Carter, but on the river side of the High Street. His pay was piece rate. One farthing for a local drop. For distance runs like Norton he was paid a half penny plus a half penny for the tram. He ran behind the tram and kept the penny.
      Ethelwins went bankrupt just before Ray was 14. After a couple of months at a newspaper shop, he got a delivery job at Hill Carter. Apparently Hill Carter was a much posher shop and being not on the river side of the High Street, did not have nearly so many rats. More importantly, the pay was far better than Ethelwins or the paper job and he stayed there until fate was good and he found an Engineering Apprenticeship at Worth McKenzie (near Stockton Station).


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