5 thoughts on “The Queen, Stockton High Street c1956

  1. I remember this visit I was 20 at the time and working at Bowesfield steel works everyone got 4 hours off with pay about 30 of us got a wave and smile. Standing on the High Street just out side the unicorn pub and 3 months after I got my papers for nation service.


  2. I remember this visit. She came to visit Roseworth, and I do believe she ‘Opened’ Roseworth as the new housing estate that it was. I was home from school that day, I was ill, or recovering, so I stood on Ragpath lane on the opposite side of the road from my school friends were standing.


    • I also remember this visit to Roseworth. I was at school that day.I attended Roseworth Junior School. Our class congregated on a grass verge Ragpath Lane just outside Kiora Hall. We had to take the sticks off our flags before we were allowed to wave them. I lived in Rudyard Avenue and attended William Newton after junior school, then Roseworth Secondary School.


  3. I believe she came to open the new Agricultural Division Main Office at ICI Billingham. I remember vividly standing by the side of the road in Norton as she passed. Before hand, I was talking and fidgeting but, as she passed I was transfixed. She could have won any beauty pageant easily. Happy Birthday your Majesty.


    • Hey Derek,
      You were in the same crowd I was. If I remember correctly we were all lined up along Junction Rd. waving little union jacks.


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