14 thoughts on “Sheep going to Market

  1. This is definitely Stockton Cattle market in Church Road because I recognise my father`s Shoe Repair shop E PARR as the shop next to the hoarding and remember the address was number 54 Church Road. The property was demolished in the early 60`s to make way for the new baths which replaced the old ones in Bath Lane. The library now stands on the site of the Cattle Market.


  2. The large building on the right of the photograph looks like the Half Moon public house. It was situated on the corner of Bath Lane and Church Road. There are other images on this site that might confirm my view.


  3. Sixty odd years ago I often wandered round Stockton cattle market and this photograph has me baffled. I cannot identify the properties in the background. The market was flanked on its west side by the churchyard wall and the High Street. On its north side by Church Row. On its east side by the Green, and on its south side by the bottom of Bishop Street and Silver Street. There is a street behind the man on the left of the photograph. If it was directly off the opposite side of Church Row, I cannot see Church Row which should be running gently down from left to right. The bottom of that street on the right of the photograph doesn’t look like it is part of Bishop Street or Silver Street. If the photograph is magnified, there is a figure to the right of the second tree from the left. It looks like someone is sitting with a child on his/her knee. If I am right, where was the seat at the Stockton cattle market? I’m also wondering where the cattle market building with the sale ring was situated. I know that memory can play tricks. Is mine?


    • I agree, I cannot orientate myself to the background in this photo. Is Picture Stockton sure that this is the cattle market at Stockton, as I suspect that it may be somewhere else.


  4. I can remember the markets moving to Yarm Road, late 50s. They served up a nice brew of Double Maxim from the barrel. Best pint in Stockton


    • Are you referring to Giggy Moon? I remember him and his brother from my childhood growing up in Stockton.


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