13 thoughts on “Head Wrightsons Football Team c1969

  1. Talking about injuries to local footballers Anon, did you ever have any dealings with Mr Martin of Eston who was a local faith healer and expert on football injuries?

    My experience with Mr Martin was one of things in life I can not explain. I visited Mr Martin and hobbled into his house unable to place my right foot on the ground and had been like this for a number of weeks unable to walk never mind play football. The medical opinion was they could nothing for me except total rest in the hope it would finally heal itself. I sat on his bench and was about to tell Mr Martin about my problem, but Mr Martin put his finger to his lips meaning me to keep quiet. He then started to massage my ankle and started to sing Hymns. This made me feel very relaxed and after half an hour Mr Martin was finished. When I asked him when he thought I may play football again he said next Saturday, which totally surprised me. When I asked how much I owed for his services, he asked what I did for a living and on replying that I was an apprentice he said half a crown would be the fee. He obviously charged what he thought his patients could afford.

    A wonderful man. I would be interested to know if any other local footballers had been treated by Mr Martin. I did hear that some of he Boro team had also been treated by him, but that thy did not make it public knowledge, fearing a backlash from the Boro Medical Team. By the way, I walked out of his house and played the next Saturday and never had any further problems with that ankle.


    • Yes Ben, I certainly did Head Wrightsons football people took me there, I hobbled in with a locked knee & walked out with an inch wide Elastoplast tape below my knee, but it was another eight months before I was back on a football pitch after going under the knife.


  2. Head Wrightsons were always a good Teesside League team and featured many local players who went on to higher leagues in later life. I remember Sticker Dickinson as being a prime mover of the team also Sunny Nicholson in later years . I played a few games for them and always enjoyed the ground at Heads Sports field the one that became the cricket ground. I remember one game we played against Rowntree of York at York in the North Riding Cup and I played half the game in a concussed state . I asked Sonny Nicholson at half time were we were playing as I could not remember anything about the game or how we got there. He told me we were winning one nil and that I had scored the goal but got a knock on scoring. I think we went on to win the match but I can not remember any other details, maybe one of our readers who was playing that day remembers the game and can fill me in on the details.. .


  3. Anon Interesting the comments about Eddie Graham having both knees done, I can better that one as I have had three knees done and now get around on two Titanium replacement knees and manage to play golf 3 to 4 times per week for 18 holes. I wonder how many other ex footballers have had the same sort of problems in their old age. I will be 81 years old on 6 th July, but still feel as I did as a 25 years, old until my arthritis in the back and other places tells me otherwise. Never mind a lot of my old mates would love to have my aches and pains as they are no longer with us….


    • What do you mean, Ben? you have had three replacement knees, because I was told twenty-five years ago I needed both replacing, but I would need them doing again in twenty years time, I am still soldiering on with my originals. The late Jackie Morris of Ashmores had a hip replaced.


    • Alan Mawby also played for Middlesbrough Juniors, Stockton F.C., South Bank as well as Heads, unfortunately Alan, Ernie Johnson, Jimmy Baldwin & Les Franks are no longer with us.


  4. Back-row L to R, Alan Mawby, Colin Taylor, Dave English, Barry Chambers, Les Franks, Jimmy (Kipper) Baldwin, Peter Scott, front-row L to R, Barry Portious, Eddie Graham, Peter Smith, Gilly Dunford, Ernie Johnson, Ray Moore. The late Alan Mawby had knee trouble at the time, he played in the final on the Victoria Ground the night before.


    • Goodness this takes me back a bit. Remembering washing all your bloody kit on a Saturday at the coin op in the town centre. I can remember screaming at Eddie Johnson “toast him …toast him” as he ran down the wing. I recall the final at the Victoria Ground so well, slept with the cup next my bed that night.


  5. Anon,
    Eddie Graham, second left front row. Eddie and I travelled round together playing for Heads, Whitby and South Bank in the early sixties. I haven’t seen him since those good old days so if you ever bump into him give him my regards.


    • Gran, I am sorry I have not seen Eddie for a long time, the last time I was talking to him he had both his knees done at the same time, but the same old Eddie was getting around fine, three quarters of an inch taller when they straightened his legs.


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