The Globe Revealed!

Work is due to remove the false wall from the front of The Globe Theatre so that an assessment can be carried out of the work needed to be done to restore it to it’s former glory. The ‘Bring The Stars Back To Stockton’ frontage is actually a large illustrated tarpaulin and I took the opportunity to take some photographs of it before it’s removal. What I had never noticed before were the inscribed steel expansion plates set into the pavement which list previous performers, the ones I could read were Buddy Holly and The Crickets in 1958 and Morecambe and Wise in 1952.

Photograph and details courtesy of David Thompson.

11 thoughts on “The Globe Revealed!

  1. Am currently reading Charlie Gracie’s autobiography and his tour of England in the fifties includes his comments on his performance at The Globe Stockton where the stage manager Bill Lee had one of the very first Grundig tape recorders and recorded the whole show and then presented the tape to him. It was in Charlie’s possession for twenty years before it was considered as an historic artifact and has since been released as vinyl and CD discs.

    I lived in Wharf Street in those days and remember Charlie and another man casually walking around and past the house one morning…he was small and had a white belted raincoat


  2. I missed Buddy Holly, to my lifelong regret, because I was only thirteen at the time. My sister went, but she was nineteen. I did see Eddie Cochran and Gene Vincent though. Eddie was fabulous, Gene was rubbish. Eddie was killed in Bath, when the taxi he was in blew a tyre and hit a lamppost.


    • Buddy and the Crickets were fabulous, died far too young with The Big Bopper &Richie Valens. The Globe was great venue way back in the 50’s. Still fresh in my memory though.


    • Cant believe seeing your info Jim ‘you saw Eddie live’ – me a BIG Eddie, Billy Fury & Buddy fan ….. Eddie was the man!!! What was his set like? Any memories? Thanks Sean


  3. I do recall that Emile Ford and The Checkmates played this theatre, but year? could be late fifties.
    Stan of Stockton


  4. The Globe Stockton

    In addition to Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran and Gene Vincent played there in Feb 1960, two months before Eddie Cochran died in a car crash.

    Pam, Glasgow


    • Yes I too saw Eddie Cochran, he died on my 14th birthday 17 April. I still have the programme and we met him and Gene and have their autographs.

      Pam, Glasgow


      • Hello Pam, amazing !!! to hear you met Eddie !!!! Me, I am 44 ‘born too late’ Big Eddie & Billy Fury fan & Buddy Holly ! What was Eddie like … memories ? God, let me know IF you ever want to sell the Eddie autograph ! Thanks, Sean


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