Armed Forces Day on Stockton High Street, 2016

A number of organisations offering people the opportunity to find out about the past, present and future of the Armed Services was held on Stockton High Street today. There were a range of military and civilian support organisations; the World War Two re-enactment society with several military vehicles, regular Army Stands of Vehicles and information from The Yorkshire Regiment,1 Close Battalion REME and the Rifles. Museums from the Green Howards, Yorkshire Regiment and The Hough Battery Hartlepool, Local Regimental Association information stands, Army reserve stands from 243 Provo Coy, 201 Field Hospital, 282 MC Sqn, 50 Sigs Sqn and 124 Recovery Coy, The Drums Platoon of the Yorkshire Regiment, WW1/WW2 Singer Janie St John and Soprano Samantha Holden. Thursday 30 June 2016.

2 thoughts on “Armed Forces Day on Stockton High Street, 2016

  1. Never knew it was on and we just stumbled across it today. Fantastic atmosphere and lots of stalls with old weapons on etc. old army vehicles and the like. Nice to see the old guys in their smart blazers with the badges on and some of our lads and lasses who are serving in the forces at the moment. This is what being British is all about. We are all proud to think of what our forefathers sacrificed and went through to keep our freedom. We should never forget what has gone before us and remember it all with pride.


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