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  1. My nana lived on Mill Street West. I’m sure she was caretaker of this hall from about the 1950’s until retired. We often went there with her when she was cleaning or getting the hall ready for functions etc. Fond memories.


  2. My father lived in number 21 Leeds Street (Marshall) and he remembers the Jubilee Hall and the dairy to the rear. He used to see the horses being brought up from the fields. We have pictures of him in the back street with a view to the Hall. He was born the youngest in 1935. Would be lovely to know if there was anyone still around that lived there who knew them.


    • I lived in 19 Hawthorn Road and remember Rattray’s also Gales, Fawsett Peacock and Willson family’s I can’t think what your grandads first name was would it be Arthur my memory is not so good now. We boys of those. Family’s played together until my family moved to Londonderry Road in 1935. I have just moved back to Primrose Hill after living in Australia for 30 years.


  3. I remember going to the Jubilee Hall as a boy with my parents as ICI used to hold their Christmas parties there for their employees children. A tradition that now seems long forgotten.


    • I remember the ICI parties too, I recall a big steep staircase and large glass areas. I think it used to be a popular dance hall


  4. Keith, I have some good memories of Flynn’s fish shop. My mother Irene Callender nee Francis worked there and we lived for some time in 53 Hulme Street. I spent some time ‘back shop’ washing pots and helping. As I was probably about 4 years old at the time I probably did not contribute very much. My favourite at the time was a ‘fish cake’ a spot of fish between two slices of potato and battered before being fried.


    • Hi Alan, Yes I remember your mam working there. It was called Flynn’s and was owned by Mr & Mrs Bertie Bright. I think Mrs Bright was a Flynn before marriage, but may be wrong. I remember your Granddad, old Mr Francis who liked a pint in the Station Hotel. It was a great area to live in.


  5. Don’t forget the back street fish shop in Norton. The best fish patties I’ve ever tasted. Frequented it regularly in the late 60s and throughout the 70s. If you had the munchies late at night, you had to get their quick before the Norton working men’s club emptied at closing time!!


  6. My Mam met my Dad at the Jubilee Hall on Saturday dance nights. If it hadn”t have been for the Jubilee Hall I wouldn”t been here typing this comment. The only thing I remember about Leeds Street is the Fish and Chip Shop opposite the Jubilee Hall. Also another Fish and Chip Shop further down Leeds Street towards the American Tavern.
    Martin Spires

    The Jube in the early 60s before The Beatles and the nightclubs used to have great rock bands usually two rocking all night. Some very good bands came there. It was quite a tough place I remember often full of Teddy Boys so you had to watch yourselves. Whereas “The Maison” being more “upmarket” used to have one rock band only forcing you to listen to Jack Marwood and his (Stallions)orchestra for two sets of “foxtrots” ending thankfully with the rockers last set at 11pm “til 12. We used to buy our ticket at 7pm get a passout and come back when the pubs threw out then stand in line swaying a bit to get back in at 11pm. The pubs around there did great business. The Jockers The Garrick and if you brought a “bird” The Metropole was nice and cosy. The ladies liked their “Blue Niles” there for drinkies
    Tony O’Connor

    The Jubilee Hall was used by Stockton Secondary School (in Nelson Terrace) for its annual Speech Day for decades until the school transferred to the Grangefield site in 1951.
    Cliff Thornton

    Talking about Leeds Street fish shop. In the streets of Stockton around this area there were loads of fish shops. The one near the American Tavern was Mill Street West. Just round the corner was Vane Street chippie then I remember one in Wellington Street run by an old white haired lady who always looked formidable. Then there was the Greek chippy on Dovecote Street (formerly Jerry Carers sweet shop). Then Smiths fish shop in Tarring Street. I remember this one because the daughter a rather large young lady at the time wanted a date. Needless to say I chickened out of that one. Ritanos on Prince Regent Street was on the end terraced house about fifty yards down when he first started I forget the name of the street. There was also a chippie in Dovecote Street next to Roberts wet fish shop. Can anyone think of any more?
    Dave Moody

    David – You”ve quite a task re Fried Fish-shops as Wards Directory of 1939 numbers 56 in Stockton. This includes 4 in Norton Norton Fisheries High Street Holly Street Pine Street and The Regal opposite the Moderne/Fiesta Norton Road
    Bob Harbron

    David Moody: My Grandad Tommy Little had a Fish & Chip shop over towards the Gas Works on Hume Street.
    Richard Little

    I remember your Grandad David his shop was directly opposite Fred Dowsons Grocery shop. Fred was a spitting image of the Character in Open all hours complete with brown overall. Fred strode the shop like a King of the Castle Both men were well known local Characters and very understanding to the hard pressed local people who sometime had to to put their purchases on tick. My Grand mother lived nearly next door Emily Brown that would be in the thirties I think and my own family lived in Langley Street until moving to the posh Primrose Hill in 1937. The reason we moved was that the lady who lived in No 21 Hawthorne Road had just won the Irish Sweep Stakes a large win of 37000 pounds. The lady in question had bought the ticket from a neighbour a Mrs Baxter as Mrs Baxter could not really afford to pay for the ticket with a large family to feed. I think the ticket cost five shillings. I believe the lady who won the money bought the White City and a Fish Restaurant in Whitley Bay with the proceeds Does anyone remember this incident in about 1937.
    Benny Brown

    Fish shops in and around Hume St. In Hume St there was at the Station end at the junction with Lucan St – Flynn”s fish shop. Travelling towards Norton Rd was Tom Little”s and then Scotson”s fish shop. On Bishopton Lane close to the Board Inn was Hopes Fish shop where you got chips in a conical bag which dripped with vinegar at the end. We used to suck the end of the bag until it bust and all the chips ran out of the bottom. In the early fifties there was a fish shop in Queen St off Norton rd opposite Dickens. There were numerous little fish shops in and around Wellington St. They all seemed to make a living. This was when Fish and chips were a goog cheap meal.
    Keith Roberts

    Keith was Scotson”s fish shop called The Popular at the junction with Farrer St.Johnson”s fish shop was in Allison St.between Hume St.& Tennant St.& there was one in Bone St.
    Len Nicholson

    Hi again Len nice to hear from you. Yes it was called the Popular Fish Bar owned by Mrs Scotson. Nothing wrong with your memory. Heading all those old case balls hasn’t puddled your brain mate.
    Keith Roberts

    Benny Brown Re the Irish sweepstakes ticket I lived in no 19 Hawthorne road next to George Duncan no 21 George asked my dad if he wanted to go halves with him dad said he couldn”t afford the 5 shillings any way Georges ticket won and he got in touch with my wife’s Aunty Florie Symington who owned a cafe on the front and stalls in the white city Amusement Park and an Ice cream shop near the park. Florie arranged for George to buy a stall in the white city and He never looked back eventually owning half the white city . when he semi retired the the two Sons young George and Desmond bought the amusement arcade next to Florie Symingtons cafe .that win was a god send to the family after the war my wife and I often went to Whitley Bay to work in the cafe shop and the city for my wife’s auntie at weekends and holidays and spent many happy hours with the Duncan’s my young son passed many hours playing on the machines in there arcade our family moved from Hawthorne Road to Londonderry Road shortly after the Duncan’s left just seen this site it brought some memories back and was very interesting to see.
    Harry Iceton

    There was a fish shop in Bath Lane just a bit further down from the old Stockton Baths going from Norton Road. This was owned? by The Garbutts from Starkey Street – Pattie and Tot and their son Sonny and his wife Margaret (well at least they all seemed to work there!).
    Lynda Dickinson


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