Stephenson Hall Teachers, 1960/61

t15083 t15084These photographs were taken at a football match between the teaching staff and the pupils in the 1960/61 school year.

The teachers are as follows:- Back Row (L to R): Mr Tomlinson, Mr Coates, Mr Barker, Mr Golightly, Mr Chapman, Mr Cowperthwaite, Mr Boddy. Front Row (L to R): Mr Wilkinson, Mr Wood, Mr Crozier, Mr Jack, Mr Wing, Mr Carroll

I was taught by all of these teachers except Mr Carroll. The only other male teachers from that period I can remember are Mr Shepherd, he taught French and Mr Wilkinson Snr. Many of these teachers are no longer with us but Mr Barker, Mr Wood and Mr Crozier were all at out last reunion in November 2015 as well as Miss Landells. I am sure many of these teachers will be remembered by numerous Billingham residents.

I have included the opposing team of pupils for that match but I only have some of their names. Back row (L to R): ??, ??, ??, Les Crank, ??, ??. Front Row (L to R): ??, Trevor Crawford, Don Jamieson, John Mitchell, ??, ??. If anybody can put any names to any of these faces please do so.

Photographs and details courtesy of Bruce Coleman.

4 thoughts on “Stephenson Hall Teachers, 1960/61

  1. I was taught English by Mr Boddy at Bede Hall and he was a thoroughly decent chap. I’m pretty sure he died in the 1970’s when he was still a young man. If my memory is correct he took a keen interest in the gee gees.

    Mr Wing went on to teach music at St Michaels for many years. Also a keen cricketer for Wolviston.


  2. I attended Stephenson hall from 1959 to 1961. All my form teachers were female, Mrs Fletcher, Mrs Gasgoign and Miss Petty, but I remember all those in the picture ,Mr Coats taught Geography, Mr Barker, woodwork, and Mr Wood, metalwork. Was there a teacher called Mr Kent? He came over to Davy Hall with us in 1961. The lad second from the right, front row is Eric Chamberline, who some years later was a goal keeper for Billingham Synthonia. A friend of mine George Taylor played football at the school, and I think was in the same class as Les Crank, but I don’t recognise him. I’ve not seen him since 1963.


    • Back row L to R Joe Herriott, ??, Ron Crawford, Les Crank, Harry Fields, Frank Thomas.
      Front Row L to R: Dave Richardson,??, Don Jamieson,John Mitchell, Eric Chamberlain, Harry Angel.
      Cannot remember ever losing a game other than the Durham final on Central Avenue Stadium.
      Les Crank.


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