8 thoughts on “Fish Merchants, Stockton Market c1957

  1. Question for Bob Wilson – I often read all picture Stockton posts and I get the impression you know a lot about ships etc, I know I am grasping at straws here, but were you anything to do with the Navy Cadets at Stockton?.


    • Sorry Dave I know nothing about ships, nor was I connected to the Navy Cadets, as a child the nearest I ever got to the sea was at Redcar beach playing on the rocks? Bob Wilson


  2. I can certainly remember the stall. Saturday mornings with my Dad – we regularly stopped for fish, shrimps, crab claws and winkles!
    At age 5 when this photo was taken I was probably on my dads shoulders as we meandered through the crowds.
    Still love my seafood!
    Jeanette Marlow (Geurds – formerly from Roseworth)


  3. I remember a fish stall with three or maybe two big woman serving, I don’t remember how old I was but I was sent on the bus number 8 from Roseworth Roxby Close to the market, it must have been a Saturday as I was normally in Stockton going to my nannas and aunts house collecting the club money for mams Brian Mills catalogue so I must have been told to go to market after going to nannas house 8 Park Road (how I remember these details is beyond me as I forget so much so something must have happened) and it did. I went to the stall got mams tripe, she was the only one in the house that ate it and they wrapped it up and put it in a small paper carrier bag and as I was walking through the throng that was Stockton Market people were shouting at me because the tripe had soaked through the carrier bag (why give paper I’ll never know) and fell on the floor. Everyone was walking in it, so there you go. When I got home, I got a hiding for not bringing it home can’t win eh.


  4. I can remember Mr Thompson, and his stall well, mostly because my father said we were related to him, how? I never knew. Those two used to pass the time of day talking a lot, which too a child like me was boring. To remain healthy our genetic system needs a small dose of cod liver oil in our system. It keeps the heart young, pliable and healthy. The elderly amongst us may remember the great pride we took in our British Fishing Fleets, and how we admired the fishermen from Grimsby, Hull, Whitby, Redcar and Hartlepool. I for one would like it to be the law that all fast food shops must close on Fridays, and only fish and chip shops can open. This policy would reverse the decline done to the deep sea trawlers trade, and create thousands of extra jobs.


  5. Possibly the same fishman who used to go round the estates in the 50’s and 60’s. I remember the horse and cart going round Droitwich Ave around that time.


  6. Yes, I was 9 and hated looking at the fishes eyes! Still not really keen on a fish on my plate with its head on.🐟😞


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