2 thoughts on “Castle House, Bridge Road c1978

  1. Tower Street, Wharf Street and Moat Street a small enclave of streets between Bridge Road and Brougham Street. The Castle Brewery later the CWS Jam factory was one side of Tower Street the other side houses, Wharf Street had houses each side and a small shop on the corner of Wharf Street and Brougham Street, Moat Street was split with houses on the south side then factory land towards Bridge Road and some houses higher up the street on the north side.
    Brougham Street Had houses one side, Quayside Engineering Company, Mellors Grain Mill and a scrap yard the other side.
    Directly across Bridge Road from Castle House would be in 1900’s to around 1960’s, Park Terrace, Wood Street and Villiers Street with the best fish and chip shop in Stockton, or so we lads thought who would go across for lunch on Fridays.
    Behind Brougham Street were Railway sidings and warehouses on the river side, further round towards Victoria Bridge were some old wooden coal staithes were at one time they must have exported coal from Durham, the first railway is said to have come in there with the first ticket office which in fact was never a ticket office across Bridge Road at St Johns Crossing.
    Behind Moat Street were the Castle Moat Ship Yard and the Timber Yard. The whole area was industrialised and quite a busy place which is probably why those Streets were built, I used to visit some of the houses and they were certainly well built nice houses for the time.
    I helped build a new workshop for Quayside Engineers and it still stands as part of the building supply company on Chandlers Wharf, the roof trusses were a new innovation, single joist beams spanning the space, no extra cross bars or support columns needed.
    All a long time ago now and probably my monument.


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