John Robert Hamilton with the Littlewoods Challenge Cup c1986

t15387Here is a photograph of my Dad, John Robert Hamilton next to the Littlewoods Challenge Cup at Littlewoods store in Stockton in 1986. Littlewoods took over the sponsorship of the Football League Cup in 1986 and, somehow, acquired the trophy in the picture as the new cup to be awarded to the winners.

The trophy had originally been used decades earlier as the trophy for the inter-departmental football competition at Furness Shipyard, Haverton Hill. Quite how Littlewoods got hold of it, I don’t know, but they asked for anyone who knew about it to get in touch via the Gazette – my Dad did, and was asked to go to the store for this photo, along with his winners plaque, that he is holding, from the time he won it at the shipyard. I believe that history does not have fond memories of the trophy however, with The Telegraph describing it in 2016 as “a handle-less monstrosity that defied the very definition of a cup.”

Photograph and details courtesy of John Hamilton.

1 thought on “John Robert Hamilton with the Littlewoods Challenge Cup c1986

  1. My dad played for this cup when he worked at the shipyard and then we saw it when we went to the football museum in Manchester where it is on display.


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