Marmaduke Place just off Norton Green

I passed this site about six weeks ago prior to the demolition of the building that stood to one end of it, I was hoping to be able to return and take some photo’s of it but I was too late. I believe from a sign that was attached to the building its last use was possibly as an upholsterers workshop, hopefully one of our learned site contributors will be able to let us know a little more of its history.

Photographs and details courtesy of John Lenham.

2 thoughts on “Marmaduke Place just off Norton Green

    • I did speak to a local who was hoping that a survey would have shown that bats were living in the old building thus preventing the demolition, alas that was not to be as non were found.
      Is this supposed to be a conservation area, if so how has this been allowed to happen?. Although to be fair to the council I guess their hands are tied to a certain extent as the owner of the old building could have let it continue to decay, which is a shame as with a little imagination it could have been converted for living purposes. And I guess money talks as five new properties on the plot are going to be rather profitable for someone. However five properties could equal ten cars and its only a little lane, I thought that parking provision had to be made for new houses.


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