The Smales Family of Thornaby

t15446This is a photograph of the Smales family of Thornaby, the girl at the front is my mother. One of the brothers became a Company Sergeant Major of the Royal Tank Corps between 1938 and 1944.

Photograph and details courtesy of John Vincent.

9 thoughts on “The Smales Family of Thornaby

  1. Hi John, can you tell me if anyone in this picture is called Alan Smales, he is a friend of my Dad and I know he had a brother called Albert. Also do you know the date of the picture.


    • Neal, Allan Smales is not in the photo, but his father is. He is called Albert, and Allan’s brother was Norman. The date of the picture I’m not too sure but it must be before 1930 as George Edward Smales (head of the family) died then. What was your dad called?


  2. If anybody is interested my mother, in the front, was Annie Smales. Of the boys in the picture I only recognise one, Albert, last on the right bottom row. The girls were, from left, back row, Florence and Alice. I think the picture was taken somewhere around 1910 to 1912.


      • Phillip, Good to hear from you. If you ask Picture Stockton for my Email address I would like to get in contact. They will give you it. John Vincent


    • I think the Smales family in the photo posted by John Vincent are related to our family, Alice was our nanna. Could John Vincent get in touch please? Thanks.


      • Hello Sheila, Alice was my aunt, her being my mother’s sister. Please get in touch with Picture Stockton team and they will give you my e-mail address. Would like to contact you about the Smales family.


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