Castle Brewery, Bridge Road

A photograph possibly showing the site of a tank within a building on the south side of the Castle Brewery yard on Bridge Road, Stockton. The brewery was opened in 1858 by W.K. & J.Kirk and enlarged in 1878 by W & T.L. Kirk. The brewery closed c1930 and was demolished c1969.

1 thought on “Castle Brewery, Bridge Road

  1. The large gates to the Castle Brewery facing on to Bridge Road always intrigued me as I passed on the bus, they were quite ornate. Between castle Gate and Tower Street there was a lot going on. Castle gate had the tripe factory housing and warehousing with the Empire and Sloan’s Billiards Hall at the top end of the bank, it was quite steep from the High Street to the Quay.
    Going South there was Castle Brewery then the CWS jam Factory and Tower Street. Working at Quayside Engineers I found you could get into the brewery via a backstreet from the top end of Brougham Street as well as a path down to the quayside. The Jam factory was still going strong and the Girls would flock out at five mingling with us lads all heading for the bus, the odd jar of jam changed hands.
    When I began to drink in the Town Pubs there were many different Ales and Beers including Mild and Bitter, Smith’s Young’s Nimmo’s Cameron”s Bass among the many brews available, men drank Bass or so the theory went, pouring out of work after a half shift it was the first port in a storm no matter what they served, parched throats needed lubrication.
    In those days the Factories making just about everything were close to the Town Centre, Hardware stores and every other kind of outlet would be a short walk from the Town Bus stops now it is all out of town.
    The Castle Brewery had closed long before I worked in the area as have so many industries once part of the Town, as for the beer, at my age nothing tastes the same.

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