4 thoughts on “The Royal Oak, Stockton High Street

  1. In the 1940’s/early 50’s my Grandad had a fruit and veg stall which was on the kerbside just in front of The Royal Oak. Along with my Dad I occasionally helped on the stall whilst Grandad spent time in the pub. I travelled with him to market with his horse (Dobin) and cart from Fairfield where he lived and had a smallholding. Great fun.


  2. Oh yes, one of my old haunts back when. We would meet around 7-30, then decide if it was Titos, or the Fiesta. Went into the Royal Oak a couple of years ago when I was home. Like every thing, things have changed.


  3. This photo is a real tear-jerker. I lived in the flat on the top floor of the Midland Bank opposite the Royal Oak. It was my Dad’s favourite pub, he loved a pint of Bass and a chin-wag here. Next door is the Westminster Bank that still had the air-raid siren on the roof. The nostalgia is completed by the motorbike parked outside on the wet cobbles and the little Ford van opposite.
    I lived in the High Street from 1947 to 1949 when we moved to the new Council housing estate at Newham Grange opposite Sparks Bakery. In 1951 my Dad died of a heart attack. I was 9 years old.


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