Dot Lester Dance Troupe, 1946/47

Does anybody remember this Dance Troupe? The picture was sent to me by my aunt, Freda Leek.

Freda lived in Billingham and went to the South Modern School between
1943 and 1953, she tells me that because of a teacher shortage, due to the war, she only went to school on some days, sometimes for a half day and other times for a full day. Names she remembers in the troupe are; ? Hawkins, ? Hall, Alice Arnold, Celia Finlayson, Bettina Raine. Freda didn’t say where the Troupe was based but it could have been anywhere in the area.

Courtesy of Bruce Coleman.

6 thoughts on “Dot Lester Dance Troupe, 1946/47

  1. The girl on the front row with the letters ‘DL’ on her blouse is my cousin Alice. I haven’t seen her or the Arnold’s since 1958 so it was a surprise to come across this photo and recognise her immediately.


  2. I went to the same school from 1941 till 1951 and always went full time I think the dancing class was in the Co hall in the village I went at one time not in photo.


    • Hello,
      Freda is the younger sister of David, her married name is McCorkell and she now lives in Australia, David lives in Hartlepool near to the Navy Museum/Dockyard.

      I remember David having a friend called Derek Milburn, are you he?


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