18 thoughts on “Stamp Street, Stockton

  1. My husband Peter Jackson lived in back stamp street as his father Frederick Jackson worked on the railway he work with a man called Joe Bell as a kid


  2. Does anybody have a photograph of the rear of these houses as they backed onto the railway (modelling the street/station area). Thanks


  3. If anybody wants photos of the model to date please contact Picture Stockton site to see if they can send your email details to me and as model develops will keep you up to date. Remember it is a scaled model but may stir a few memories.


  4. This is only half of Stamp Street, I used to visit a family who lived on the opposite side when I was young. They lived about half way up the street, and I seem to remember there was an alley which ran to the back area.


    • I will upload some photos of my efforts once the detail is added – it has been a difficult task for a first attempt at a scratch-built model and based on the photos on this site. Scaled down to only one main roof due to size limitations but main building retained plus the three track main lines and entrance building retained as per the photos. I will be in UK next year so hopefully the station and some of the surrounds finished by then.


    • Jack Buttle – what history he will have in his head? What did he start work as and where did he end up and what dates? I remember the station so well and one trip was a school excursion to the Lake District for the date with Newtown Junior School in I think 1959/60. There used to be an old ‘film’ of the day we left and it was on TV in the evening news. Wonder if it is still around. Great memories of what should be an icon of the railway history instead of a couple of platforms and a footbridge!! Passed through the station on the way from Hartlepool to Kings Cross last year – did not even stop there. We were on holiday from Australia visiting relatives and friends – one of who lives in the Nolan House flats overlooking the station. Visiting again next year so will again see how grim the station is compared to the golden era of railways.


  5. Excellent photo of how close Stamp Street was to the railway track and station. Building a model of this station and street at the moment.


      • Been on with the model for many months and working from old photographs but due to space limitations I am having to take some ‘liberties’ with reality versus modelling for a railway scene on a model railway. However the scene is built on all the pictures on this site. Might add a picture to this site when finished – once the heat of summer hits us in Perth I might get more work done on the detail work.


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