3 thoughts on “Hambletonian Yard, Stockton c1986

  1. Topsoft computer shop will have been just behind the camera to the right at that time, I spent some money in there back in the day buying games for my commodore 64 then Amiga A500!


    • Yep, the sign is there. I used to hang around in there a fair bit but I started working on a Saturday in the rival (and not as good) computer shop on West Row.


  2. This was my rat run to the “0” bus when I first started work at Browns in Prince Regent Street. The war was still on and we still had no street lighting. As a 16 year old we had to work two half shifts until seven the men worked until eight, you got no choice in the matter and if you missed a few half shifts you found yourself in court.
    I would clock off run into Ramsgate then West Row and down Hambletonian Yard into the High Street to the Town Hall bus stand. It was winter dark and a bit of an obstacle course as people left rubbish in the pathway. Another obstacle was some of the working ladies used the dark yard for their assignations and that could be dangerous so it was full pelt down skipping over anything in the way and popping out the other end for the bus home.
    Being young and daft it was the shortest way. Along Prince Regent Street and down Dovecot or straight down Ramsgate always seemed longer for some reason though probably measured in feet, of course the thrill of upsetting people up to no good, the expletives and things thrown at you probably added to the thrill, as I said young and daft.
    At seventeen we had to work the full shift until eight so would go down the yard in a group, the back chat would set my ears on fire and offers you could not refuse were refused, in my case no thank you, some of the men a bit more ribald. All part of my education from a blushing school boy to adult and certainly good training for the forces rough and tumble Some good and often very funny memories in this picture for me, it has not changed much.


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