8 thoughts on “Yarm High Street

  1. I lived in West Street opposite the Church. Learning to drive in 1957. Those were the days before the white line brigade arrived, and you could drive in to the high street and park anywhere. Happy memories. Terry Robinson


  2. I went to the Grammar School at Yarm in Sept 1951 from my junior school at Queen Street, Thornaby-on-Tees after passing the 11 plus. 5 wonderful years. My name then was Frances Bage. My best friend was Patricia Severs and her father was Police Sergeant Severs. He was always threatening to lock us in the cells when we misbehaved. I returned to the area in May 2016 for my Grandaughter’s Wedding at Craythorne Hall. The last time I was in that building was Speech Day 1957 to receive my O level School Certificate.
    The last reunion the year I was in was in 2010 when I was 70 and the pupils of the now Private school made us welcome and it was amazing how the layout in a lot of ways was the same.
    I know live in Cambridgeshire but still have grown up children and grand children in the Stockton area.
    My name is now Frances Plimmer.


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