Frank Todd at Head Wrightson c1972

My dad Frank Todd worked at Head Wrightson during the 1970s, he is the man with the googles. The first photograph shows my dad Frank (left) and George Parker (right). Does anyone know the other men?

Photographs and details courtesy of Sue Bell.





11 thoughts on “Frank Todd at Head Wrightson c1972

  1. Frank Todd Was a Boilermaker Burner at the Head Wrightson’s Stockton Forge When I and Granville Cooper served our time in the Template shop, 1951 to 1956. Frank was a big cheerful sort of person who was always willing to help out the apprentice Boilermaker when they wanted some Gas gutting done. I last spoke to George Parker on the phone about seven years ago and he was living in Darlington… Both men were good Tradesmen and the salt of the earth. Good memories of a nice period of my life when I met and made friends of many from the Forge who I still keep in contact with through this wonderful medium.


      • Brian I spoke to your father on the phone, how I thought he lived in Darlington maybe it was the Rip Rilley connection as I think your father was a friend of. Quite a few of the forge people came from Darlington including the works foreman Tommy Turnbull, another lovely man who was always fair in his dealings with his staff. Brian you never mentioned if George was still with us as he was at least 10 to 12 years older than me and I am 83 years young in July.


    • Hi my dad Johny Smith worked as a plater at the forge till it closed in the 70s he then worked at Foster Weelers, Hartlepool he enjoyed the work. He passed away in 1988. I am his son Paul


  2. Just a guess but, Frankie Todd was a big guy and the person he is with in the last photo looks even bigger so could it be “Big” Kiddle someone my dad spoke of quite often?
    Brian Parker


    • I do not think that this is big Kiddle who was a Platers helper and worked with another big Plater from Darlington. Who this man is I do not know…


  3. Fantastic to see the photo of Frankie Todd and my dad George Parker who worked together for many years at Stockton Forge. “Toddy” was a great guy and my dad thought a lot about him which I am sure was reciprocated.
    My dad, mother, brother and myself all worked at Heads at sometime, my mother during the war was in the Teasdale machine shop producing munitions then in the sixties I went through the apprentice school and completed an apprenticeship as a fitter and turner followed by my brother Howard a few years later.
    To the consternation of mum and dad both Howard and myself didn’t stay at Heads for very long after completing our apprenticeship and ventured out into the big wide world, however, we both have fond memories of Toddy and our time at Heads.
    Brian Parker


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