Form 3a Grangefield Grammar School, 1955

Back Row (l-r); Ann Durent, Ann Dickinson, Virginia Moody, Jean Stainsby, Caro Bonsall, Dorothy Rawling, Margaret Dalkin, Valerie Walls, Dorothy Shaw.

Middle Row (l-r); Joy Richardson, Barbara Parker, Pat Brough, Sandra Spooner, Kathleen Thompson, Pamela Hardy, Ann Parker, Margaret Bulmer, Eileen Wright, Connie Stewart, Pamela Weedall, Margaret Hendry, Jean Brown, Norma Tattersdill, Gillian Thompson.

Front Row (l-r): Alice Parry, Diane Thompson, H=Janet Charlton, Anne Watson, Ann Hufford, Miss Patterson, Ruth Billsborough, Judy Betteridge, Margaret Simpson, Pat Hughes, Ruth Granger.

Photograph and details courtesy of Mr and Mrs Bellerby.

3 thoughts on “Form 3a Grangefield Grammar School, 1955

  1. These girls were in the same year as me and I remember Pam Weedall, Ann Parker and Virginia Moody, but we were not encouraged to see the girls as there was an exclusion zone on the sports field to keep us separate and we started and finished at different times. There were ways and means to get round this! How times have changed with mixed comprehensive schools.


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