Richard Hind, the class of 1965 c2016

The class of 1965, all new lads and lasses now young men with one young lady…
Back row: Norman Hill, Barry Moss, Dave Foundling (Sid), Ian Reeve, Anth Spacey. Front Row: Graham Swales (SWAG), Nigel Clegg, Dave Cooper, Liz Hindmarsh, George Thompson, Keith Leonard, Brian Maddigan.
A great night, we are hoping to get together again in June 2018 so anyone from the 1965 intake please get in touch. I’m sure there are more ladies from that year still around. Liz was slightly out numbered though she didn’t seem to mind.

Photograph and details courtesy of Norman Hill.

17 thoughts on “Richard Hind, the class of 1965 c2016

  1. Any one on this site who went to Richard Hind Juniors from 1950 to 1956. Mr Oliver was the headmaster I used to quake when his footsteps were coming down the stone corridor.


    • I left in 1952 but remember Harry Olver well he would come into the classrooms and stand behind people and watch them working which was quite unnerving.


  2. I was there 66-71, fresh from Mill Lane School. Some of the others in the same year are Alan Dunwell, Stephen (Albert) Ward, Nigel Beaumont, David Harker, Alan Blackburn, Brian Davidson,
    Stephen Hart, Ronald Bray, Peter Harding, David Harbron ,Andy Lloyd, Ian Blackburn, Derek Melville, Graham Middleton, Tommy Yellow, Geoff Green, Graham (Spud) Rutherford, and a certain Anthony Francis (Stan) Mcdonnagh, who if my memory serves me well, turned up on his first day with a very non uniform Red shirt and Yellow tie. Some of the lads in the year or two above us were John Matchett who I knew from Browns bridge, and some very good footballers in Eric Young, Steve Humble, Terry Shepherd, Chrissie Wilson and Steve Bromfield. As a school we had some brilliant and very successful teams, sadly I was not good enough to play in any of them.


    • Well Steve you have a very good memory but I thought ‘Stan’ McDonagh turned up in the second year after moving in from Halifax, plus later on he was one of the first to sport a skinhead cut.


      • Hello David, you are probably right there on both counts. A few other names that spring to mind are Desi Hart, (who if I remember rightly had a very expensive Claude Butler cycle at the time) and Desmond Newton who seemed to win every time we had to run the length of the school yard. There was also, Ian Whitehead, Brian Davidson, Ian Gamble and Graham Middleton and was it Geoff Watson.


    • Hi Steve this is Pete Burleigh (The forgotten man) came across your details whilst looking up Alan Dunwell without success.


    • Certainly some very good footballers there Eric Young went on to be a professional at Man Utd., Steve Bromfield & Terry Shepherd both played in the Northern League. Alan Dunwell is the father of Stockton Town’s manager Michael & Chris a player.


  3. If there is anybody from Primrose Hill School on Durham Road from 1960-67 and you see this and wish to get in touch it would be lovely to hear from you. A few names I can remember John Harrison, Colin Harcourt, Keith Pearce, Douglas Wilson, Christine Kelsey. Where have those school days gone.
    The Picture Stockton team will forward on my email and/or mobile number if you email them at

    Dave Jones.


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